Portland Bad Date Line

The Portland Bad Date Line (PBDL) is meant for us to share and circulate descriptions of harmful people. A bad date is a violent and/or abusive customer in the sex industry. Our hope is that someone would refer to the PBDL as an option to reduce risk for violence, abuse, rape, unwanted pregnancy, and hepatitis/STD and HIV transmission.

This project is currently being facilitated by the Multnomah County Health Department, Call to Safety, Outside In and volunteers from the community. We send the sheet to over 50 agencies in Oregon, mostly in the Portland Metro Area.

These questions are here to help you remember and let you know what info would help us create a report. Please answer all the questions to help describe the situation most accurately, but none of the questions are required. If you're making a report and want support: Call Call to Safety 503-235-5333 for confidential support and resources 24/7. 

Color, make, model, condition, etc
Date, Day of week, Time of day?
Was there a pickup location? Or, did you meet in a club/modeling studio/out call/ website?
How many people were involved? Name or nickname? Gender/Age/Accent/Body type/Glasses/Eye Color/Other identifying marks
We want to hear in your own words what happened. Some things to think about might be: what was the FIRST thing the bad date said to you? Did the person request something specific or notable?
We have heard people target works that are similar to eachother, so we divide the reports based on the data we receive. Please include your age, gender, and race/ethnicity