About Us

The Sex Worker Outreach Coalition (SWOC) is a Portland, Oregon based coalition of social service providers and allies who work together to promote the basic human rights and personal safety for all sex workers in Oregon through public education and policy activism.  Specifically SWOC monitors legislative activity, performs legislative outreach, produces educational materials and hosts/participates in community events.


Our Values


SWOC respects the self-determination and agency of those who choose to work in the sex industry and those who wish to leave.


SWOC recognizes sex work as legitimate work and believes that the problems within the sex industry are not inherent but rather a reflection of a lack of sex worker rights and stigmatization of sex workers.


SWOC recognizes that sex workers are not a homogeneous group and that the type of sex work, experiences and needs of sex workers are diverse.

Harm Reduction

SWOC takes a harm reduction perspective which seeks to reduce harms associated with sex work while respecting people's choices to work in the sex industry.

Sex Work vs Trafficking

SWOC believes that sex trafficking is a grave human rights violation, but also that consensual sex work is not sex trafficking and that conflating the two is problematic.